The Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (jCRAE) is an annual online and open-access journal of the United States Society for Education through Art. jCRAE focuses on social and cultural research relevant for art and visual culture education, including cultural foundations of art education, cross-cultural and multicultural research in art education, and cultural aspects of art in education. These areas should be interpreted in a broad sense and can include community arts organizations, schools, arts administration, art therapy, and other disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches that are relevant to art and visual culture education. Theoretical research and research in which qualitative and/or quantitative methods as well as visual and other formats and strategies are used will be considered for publication.

Mini-Theme Information: New Culture Wars

The 2001-2002 issue of the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, edited by Tom Anderson, represented a change of name from the Journal of Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Research in Art Education. The journal made a bold yet unassuming statement about the changing definition of “culture” with this simplification of title. Perhaps, as suggested in Anderson’s editorial, the change simply provided “a title with less vowels and consonants but meaning the same” (Anderson, 2001-2002, p. 12). What historically had been defined through an elitist Western European lens of “good taste,” culture had become understood in broader terms to represent groups’ ways of living and being in the world. In 2001-2002, there was, seemingly, no longer a need to explicate “multi-” or “cross-” when referring to culture as representing a broad range of shifting cultural identities.

Fifteen years later, we revisit the notion of culture, asking the questions, “What is culture?” “How have notions of culture changed within the field of Art Education?” and “How has culture shifted in our society?” Based on our current political and social climate of divisiveness, incivility, and overt racism, sexism, and other-isms, it seems an opportune time to revisit these questions of culture, and the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education provides an appropriate venue to provoke dialogue within the field of art education. We see similarities from the past: Culture Wars signifying a clash of ideas and values that have recently bubbled up to the surface in our politics and in the media.

As such, this mini-theme for the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education calls for written manuscripts and digital submissions addressing:

  1. The resurgence of New Culture Wars under the current political and social climate;
  2. The impact of conflicting worldviews and competing cultural values and belief systems in our society; and
  3. How art and art education are implicated in this shifting cultural landscape.

Some probing questions this volume might address include:

  1. In what ways has culture been defined and addressed within the field of art education, especially during the resurgence of new culture wars?
  2. How can art educators address cultural conflicts and issues locally and globally?
  3. In what civil ways can art educators engage with culture wars through the unique contributions of art and teaching toward the development of civil society and culture?
  4. What are our own past and present culture wars within the field of art education?
  5. How might this dialogue promote healthy debate and respect to sustain balanced cultural research in the field?

Submission Information
Written submissions should be in Word (.doc) format; include a title page containing the author's name(s) and affiliation(s); a short abstract and key words; and figures, graphs, and images appropriately at the end of the manuscript. A variety of formats are welcome—including traditional academic essays, visual essays, or alternative formats—that fit the purposes of the journal to address issues of art, education, and cultural research.  Image-based submissions should be accompanied by explanatory text. For submission of alternative/digital formats, please consult with the Senior co-Editors for submission preference. For information visit
Written papers should be in APA style (6th edition) and submitted by email to:
Ryan Shin and Karen Hutzel, Senior co-Editors

Deadline for submission of manuscripts for the 2017 (Vol. 34) issue of the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education is January 1, 2017.

Review and Publication Information
All manuscripts will undergo a blind review by 2 reviewers from the Review Board of jCRAE. Upon review, authors will receive a recommendation from the Senior co-Editors for either Acceptance; Minor Revisions; Major Revisions; or Rejection. Revisions are common and expected upon primary review of a manuscript submission. jCRAE is accessible as an online journal at As a new (pilot) feature of the journal, we expect to pre-release accepted articles and digital pieces online throughout the year, as they become ready. Therefore, we encourage authors to submit early or contact us for the possibility of submitting after our deadline.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

Karen Hutzel and Ryan Shin, Senior co-Editors

Anderson, T. (2001-2002). Editorial. Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, 19-20, 4-12.